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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: The Invisible Prank

I’m all for a good prank as long as no one gets hurt. What the internet has too much of is someone taking a “joke” too far and then someone getting injured, arrested, or possible worst of all saying “chill bro… it was just a prank dude.”

It’s tough to make a prank tactful. If you try to hard to make someone feel stupid then it doesn’t work. Pranks work the best when you essentially make your “victim” prank themselves. For example: leaving a bowl of m&ms mixed with skittles out so that when they inevitably eat some they immediately regret it. Classic prank.

The invisible prank has mainly become popular among families. Here’s what happens. A family gets one of the younger children to sit in a chair. Someone covers them with a blanket and then says a magic word. After removing the blanket everyone pretends as if they cannot see the invisible kid and they try to get them to take a picture with them. Afterwards the photographer shows the picture to the child and they freak out because they’re not in the picture. Here’s a video of the prank being done right.

This kid was a pretty good sport about it which overall made it a successful prank. The problem with this prank is that, most of the time it ends with the child crying because they really think that they are invisible. I don’t know about you… but a child’s cries are not my favorite thing. That said, this prank follows my guidelines of being harmless which ultimately gives it the potential to be a solid prank.

Before doing a prank you need to ask yourself two questions. What reaction am I wanting, and what reaction should I expect? If you want for the person your pranking to facepalm (like this kid below), but you know they’re more likely to act like the gif of Patrick from spongebob(also below), then you have to decide if it’s worth it to prank them.

Point being… choose your prankees wisely. If they can’t handle a prank and get a laugh from it, then you can’t be mad if they get upset with you.

What do you think though? Is the invisible prank too cruel? Or is it all in good fun? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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