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Will You Be My PenPal? March 21st Ed.

Hey Z-Besties <3

Another week means another Blog! How was your St.Patrick’s Day? April came very festive to the studios Friday, I kinda forgot to wear green until later that night… But I eventually found my Irish Spirit with some very large leprechaun hat earnings and a shamrock headband! I also had the opportunity to visit my family this weekend! After a long work week, and a good amount of time from my whole family I decided to surprise my grandparents with a visit! (My mom ended up not being surprised because she decided to check my location as I was on my way) Thankfully my Granny didn’t check my location and was completely surprised! We had a great Sunday Funday full of cards, dice games and great conversations! In my family, we would do Sunday Funday every week and everyone brings their own meat. Mind you, I’m still new to this whole ‘adulting’ thing, so I decided to buy a steak. I wanted to be a ‘big girl’ like my parents. I found what I thought was a steak on sale! Major plot twist: I bought a roast 🤦‍♀️ My dad still prepped and cooked it like a steak…It was just a tad tough 🙂 All and all this week has shown me how much I miss my family, and how important it is to at least pick up everyday! I went home Saturday night and stayed up until 3am cleaning my apartment because let’s face it, a sweater here a coat there it begins to clutter things pretty quickly! Plus it’s finally Spring and that means Spring Cleaning is here! What are the projects you plan on tackling this spring? 


Until next time!