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Communicating For the Farm Webinar Series

May 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Communicating For the Farm Webinar Series
Cora Carter, Purdue Extension-Bartholomew County
Adriane Good, MSU Extension Pondera County
Montana State University Extension Pondera County and Purdue Extension – Bartholomew
County are teaming up to bring you a webinar series dedicated to helping you improve your
agriculture communication skills. Adriane Good, from MSU Extension, and Cora Carter,
from Purdue Extension, noticed that many agricultural producers want to engage with the
public and share their story but have difficulties doing so. This webinar series aims to help
producers with that, giving them the skills to communicate effectively and present
themselves professionally online when engaging with a non-agricultural based public.
The series will start off with two scientific communication professors from Purdue, Drs’ Beth
Forbes and Linda Pfeiffer leading two sessions on effective communication. The first, on
May 13, will focus on media literacy and critical thinking. This session will help participants
figure out where to find credible sources and how to verify the information you’re getting.
The second session, on May 20, will discuss how to effectively communicate your points
and engage with the people you’re speaking to. Beth and Linda are both part of the
leadership team of College of Agriculture course at Purdue that helps students learn how to
engage with the public on controversial issues.
On May 27, participants will get a chance to practice these skills. Participants will be broken
out into smaller groups and asked to practice by discussing common controversial
practices in agriculture, while remaining civil and professional.
Our fourth session, on June 3, will feature Carrie Mess (@dairycarrie), a Wisconsin dairy
farmer with a large social media following. Carrie has been using social media to connect
with consumers for over 10 years and will help you learn how to craft your own story for
social media.
On June 10, Sara Hollenbeck of High Five Meats, Montana, will discuss presenting yourself
professionally online. It can be difficult trying to decide what you should share on social
media to retain a sense of professionalism while still being authentic. Sara will help you
figure that out, drawing from her experience using social media to promote her local meat

The final session, on June 17, will be allowing you to put it all together! Once again,
participants will be broken out into smaller groups and given a chance to practice using all
your new skills. Other MSU and Purdue Extension educators have volunteered to
participate in discussion with class participants, to give everyone a chance to communicate
with all sorts of different people.
Each week’s class will begin at 7 PM EST and last until 8 PM. The webinar series will be
hosted via Microsoft Teams, which will allow class participants to interact with each other
between sessions. If you are unfamiliar with teams, a video will be distributed to familiarize
you with the software. The webinar series is free of charge. Registration can be accessed
at, please answer all the questions in the registration as these will
help us tailor the program to the group that attends. For more information about the
webinar series, contact Cora Carter at or 812-379-1665.


May 13, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm