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Self care and sister getaways


Hey Z-Besties <3

Have you ever heard the saying, “Love so much it hurts?”. I felt that literally this week😅 I left a quick visit home with a slight black eye🙂. My family dog, Izzy, gets so excited every time I come home and while I was sitting down she ran up and jumped on my landing one paw DIRECTLY on my eye 😭 I told her she is the only dog that could give me a black eye and I still tell her she’s a good girl😅 THANKFULLY, it wasn’t terribly noticeable, right now its a little yellow and so it stands out a little bit more but other than that we have been absolutely vibing this week! When has there ever been a time that your animals have accidentally gotten a little too excited? This past weekend there were some very intense storms! I hope if you were affected by them that things are looking up for you now! Thankfully my area was not too bad, just a lot of tree branches scattered throughout the yard! For self-care this week I took a trip to Target. (My first mistake, I know) I ended up spending more than I had anticipated but definitely felt better after! What are some ways that you practice self care? Is there a show you like to binge watch? A friend that you have a conversation with? Face masks? I am very much Looking forward to this weekend! I am stealing my little sister away for the weekend and get to show her all the fun things that I have found here in Kokomo! If you had someone coming in from out of town, where would you take them first? 

Until next time! 



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