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Will You Be My PenPal? March 28th Ed.


Hey Z-Besties <3

We are in the last days of March! That is just not computing with me right now! We are almost there, I can practically smell the Spring weather coming our way! How has your week been? This week I had some really great days and a couple really low days! When we are stressed it seems like those low days tend to rock us a little more! However I am so extremely thankful for friends who help pick me back up when I’ve fallen. (like my new picture frame that fell off the wall this week and broke😭) You know what they say, can’t appreciate the good days if we don’t have a bad one from time to time! I also decided at the last minute to drive and see my family on Sunday! (I needed to be around some great people to recharge for the week!) It was a super quick visit and I was definitely driving longer than what the visit was, but it was worth it! Have you ever decided to drive a little ways just to surprise some friends or family? It may not make logical sense, but as long as our hearts are happy right? What are some good things that have happened to you this week? Reconnected with any old friends? Do any super cool puzzles? Enjoy the GORGEOUS weather we had on Sunday? I had an old friend of mine reach out with some words of encouragement and it absolutely turned my week around! It was a great reminder that if someone we care about comes across our mind, it doesn’t take much to send that text, even if its something as small as “Hey you were on my mind, hope you’re doing well❤️” Nothing to crazy happened this week, but I doubt we will get two weeks like this! 


Until next time! 



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