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Hey Z-Besties <3

Can you believe we have gotten to hang out every weekday morning for a little over a month now? Between moving states, starting a  new job and trying to find my way things have been super crazy! I am originally from the south suburbs of Chicago, but I am so grateful to start a new chapter here in Kokomo! I just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Multi-Media Communications and immediately got started here at Z92.5! Those early mornings are slowly getting easier, but do you ever really get used to your first alarm going off at 3:30am? (Okay let’s be real, I don’t actually get out of bed until closer to 4am, but it’s the thought that counts right?) Although getting up can be a challenge, I absolutely love that I get to spend my mornings with you! (and some form of caffeine, iced coffee, energy drinks you know, the necessities) In this last month I have learned so much! Like which stores have the best deals, how to put kitchen stools together (successfully) and what it means to live somewhere completely new! I have always wanted to get out of my hometown, and now that I am doing it I have to admit I feel a little homesick! I am so grateful for my friends and family back home and look forward to showing them all the amazing things Kokomo has to offer! I’ve also been testing my kitchen skills! I made the viral ‘marry me chicken’ from TikTok and let’s just say it came out *chefs kiss* What is the newest recipe you’ve tried? Was it a success? I can’t wait to continue trying new recipes!  So in summary, everything is new and exciting, “adulting” has definitely been my theme for the last month and I have come to the conclusion that all morning show hosts survive on sweet, sweet caffeine.


Until next time! 

     – Kaylee 


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