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Illinois Gov. Pritzker signs bill banning assault weapons, large magazines

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, D-Ill., signed a bill into law banning high-powered, assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines. Most individuals under age 21 are also prohibited from buying any type of firearm in the state. The new law takes effect immediately.

The Illinois House of Representatives had passed the bill last week known as the “Protect Illinois Communities Act.” It bans high-powered, assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines, as well as the sale, manufacture, delivery and purchase of assault weapons across the entire state. The House voted 68-41 in favor, and the legislation passed through the Illinois Senate Monday with a 34-20 vote.

Pritzker tweeted after signing the bill: “No Illinoisan should have to go through life fearing their loved one could be next in an ever-growing list of mass shooting victims,” and tweeted Tuesday night: “I’m tired of living in a world where a mass shooting needs a title so you know which one we’re referring to. I just signed the Protect Illinois Communities Act, which immediately bans the sale and distribution of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and switches in IL.”

The current regulations were created in the aftermath of a mass shooting north of Chicago during an Independence Day parade last year, leaving seven people dead and dozens injured. The suspect in that case, Robert Crimo III, was arrested hours later; and his parents were help responsible for their role in helping him obtain the assault-style rifle used in the attack  The suspect’s father, Robert Crimo Jr. was later arrested and charged with seven counts of felony reckless conduct. Crimo Jr.’s was charged for his role in helping his then-19-year-old son apply in 2019 for a firearm owners identification card in Illinois, which was issued in 2020 and used to acquire the assault-style rifle used in the parade shooting.

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