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The Future of Recycling Shaky for Howard County

Mobile recycling centers around Howard County have been disappearing for the last several years with the only remaining locations at Northwestern High School, Western High School, Russiaville Town Hall and Taylor Trustee’s Office (across from Taylor High School). In 2016 the City of Kokomo unveiled their brand new curbside recycling system that made the mobile locations less necessary however, that program may soon fade away as well.

According to Kokomo Mayor Tyler Moore this is due to several factors  which include a decrease in participation of the program as well as misuse of the blue bins as garbage containers  and the high cost of dumping.  Once items are disposed of and mixed with recyclable items they are all considered contaminated which forces the city to put the items in the landfill which is not the intended outcome. Regular centralized bins only cost $46 per ton to dump as opposed the $77 per ton for recyclables.

As part of the curbside revaluation Mayor Moore has requested the cities recycler, HIMCO of Elkhart, sample Kokomo’s recycle stream to get a better idea of how much the city is actually recycling. After he has received more information Mayor Moore will make a decision as soon as this coming summer.

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