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Kokogo Bike Share Trail Tours

Not only can you hit the trails in downtown Kokomo with the Koko-Go Bike Share program, now you can do it with a guided tour!

“The Kokomo Parks & Recreation Department and the Koko-Go Bike Share will be introducing Trail Tours for the 2021 summer season! The Trail Tours are group bike rides that will each be led by a Koko-Go employee and begin/finish at the Koko-Go Bike Share in downtown Kokomo.

Trail tours will happen on the First Friday and Third Thursday of each month from the beginning of June to mid-September of 2021. The Trail Tours will proceed with the corresponding routes as follows:

First Friday, June 4th – 6 p.m. IHT, South Section – 4.8 miles

Third Thursday, June 17th – 2 p.m. IHT, North Section – 7 miles

First Friday, July 2nd – 6 p.m. WoE, Downtown Triple Loop – 2 miles

Third Thursday, July 15th – 2 p.m. WoE, West Section – 2.7 miles

First Friday, August 6th – 6 p.m. WoE, West Section/ Cloverleaf, South Section – 4 miles

Third Thursday, August 19th – 5 p.m. WoE/Cloverleaf/IHT, Downtown Loop – 3.3 miles

First Friday, September 3rd – 6 p.m. – IHT/WoE, Downtown Sculpture Tour – 1.8 miles

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