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2021 Pharmacists Recommendations

As discussed on Z Breakfast with Jessica and Quinn, pharmacists were asked what over the counter meds they would recommend for certain situations:

  • Headaches: Tylenol.
  • For allergies: Claritin.  And for kids, Children’s Claritin.
  • The best sunscreen: Neutrogena.
  • The best thing for bug bites or bee stings: After Bite.
  • For coughs: a cough suppressant called Delsym that comes in an orange box.  And #1 for kids is Dimetapp.
  • If you get the flu: Theraflu.
  • The best multivitamins: Centrum.
  • The best pregnancy test: First Response.
  • The best over-the-counter option for acne: Differin Gel.
  • The best hand sanitizer: Purell.

Of course, if you have an allergic reaction to any of these products, do not take them, but they are the most recommended for this year.

If you want more info on their choices, click here.

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