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Classic Shows to Watch Anytime

There are constantly reruns of old shows on TV, but how do you know which ones to watch?

You could watch anything from Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck to I Love Lucy.

A few of my favorites that always seem to be popping up include MASH, Home Improvement, and of course The Andy Griffith Show!

MASH originally aired on CBS in 1972 and ran for 11 seasons following the fictional account of MASH 4077 during the Korean War. Starring Alan Alda, the series aired its last original episode in 1983 and can now be found on many different channels airing reruns.

In 1991 Tim Allen starred in a new series on ABC called Home Improvement. Over eight seasons you follow along as ‘Tim the Toolman Taylor’ tries to prove his masculinity while tackling an assortment of construction projects, car restorations, and raising his three boys. Although the series finale aired in May of 1999 you can always seem to catch a rerun somewhere on TV.

If you’re watching reruns of old TV shows, you have to stop in Mayberry! The Andy Griffith Show originally aired on CBS in 1960 with Andy Griffith starring as Sheriff Andy Taylor. Eight seasons of black and white classic TV came to an end in April of 1968, but no worry, you can find an episode just about every day somewhere on TV. Don’t forget to whistle along with the opening theme song!

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