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Howard County COVID-19 Testing Center Update

Changes have been made to the mobile testing clinic’s schedule due to winter weather.

The hours of operation have changed to 12pm-3pm. Community members are highly encouraged to check our social media channels Thursday night (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for last minute changes to the mobile schedule.

Regarding procedures at the main testing site located at 620 North Bell Street, there have been a few changes that have led to much shorter wait times. Clients who have appointments and who have completed the registration process will be prioritized so to honor the appointment schedule. Therefore, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment and to complete the registration process prior to visiting the clinic in order to be seen quickly.

It is recommended for clients to visit to schedule an appointment. They should choose the option, “I do not have an invitation code”.

Members of the community who do not have internet access may call the clinic at 456-7330 to schedule an appointment.

Clients should expect to be at the clinic just under an hour. This includes the time it takes to check-in, receive their test, and receive their test results. The clinic is using BinaxNOW antigen rapid tests which provide results in 15 minutes. Clients currently receive a form to indicate their results. We still offer nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs and anterior nares (AN) swabs for clients that need or prefer those tests.

Currently, clients are asked to enter the building to check-in and then to wait in their cars to be called into the building for their test.


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