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Ben’s Bob’s Burgers Game

Have you seen the show Bob’s Burgers on Fox? I just recently started watching it on Hulu and it’s pretty good! It’s about the family of a man named Bob who owns a restaurant named Bob’s Burgers. There’s his wife Linda, who is a pretty goofy mom, his daughter Tina who is a very odd teen, and his son Gene and other daughter Louis who are both pretty chaotic.

I’m usually more of a serial guy myself, as I like stories that follow a main plotline rather than episodic shows that are stand alone entertainment. But I’ve figured out a way to get super into this show with a new game I’ve invented.

Every episode of Bob’s Burgers follows the same format. There’s a goofy family activity in the beginning. That activity incites the opportunity for something crazy to happen. Then something from the goofy family activity in the beginning is brought back up to solve the problem of the episode. My wife and I have started trying to predict what from the beginning will be called back in the end to resolve the episode. It’s super fun! Give it a try! Maybe it’ll work for other television shows too.

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