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Ben’s Movie is out! Spiral Drive is Available for Free!

Spiral Drive is an unrated movie. It contains strong language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Spiral Drive is a 2020 Horror-Comedy found-footage feature written and directed by Erik Fitzpatrick.

Two estranged friends, Will (played by Erik) and Evan (played by Ben Rutz), attempt to shoot a feature film on a cross-country road trip. Along the way, they are abducted by a mysterious creature in the Appalachian mountains. Will and Evan must work together, despite their fractured friendship, to traverse the forest labyrinth and escape from the clutches of the creature.

Spiral Drive premiered at the 2020 Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival and is now available to watch for free right now on Youtube! The video is posted below if you’d like to check it out! Again, I cannot stress this enough, there’s A LOT of strong language in this film. Please keep that in mind. I hope you enjoy it!

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