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Don’t judge a book by its cover…or a movie!

Hey friends!

Happy almost Halloween! As far as I’m concerned Halloween lasts for the entire month of October. I’ve been watching so many spooky movies and having a blast. This past weekend I needed a break from scary though. (Seriously. I knew it was time when I was running to the bathroom from my room at night).

I like the Top 10 Movie Countdown on Netflix. It’s always cool to see what other people are watching. One of the shows that I kept seeing on there was a show called ‘The Queens Gambit’. I looked at it and it was a movie about chess. Seemed INCREDIBLY BORING to me. Has chess every been exciting in the history of forever?

…I don’t think so. Lol

BUT! Holy cow was I wrong! You guys. Go and watch this show. I have never been more interested in chess than I was watching this show. There’s only 7 episodes so its a pretty quick show to zoom through! Plus if you’re a Harry Potter fan like I am you will recognize one of the main characters 😉

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