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City of Kokomo schedule for final 2020 limb collection



September 28, 2020

Contact: Polly Bray

Phone: 765-456-7444


City of Kokomo schedule for final 2020 limb collection

The Kokomo Department of Public Maintenance and Refuse has begun its final pass for limb collection for 2020. From now until Nov. 6, crews intend to collect limbs in all areas of the city. Any limbs placed out after that date will not be collected until 2021.

The following neighborhoods should expect limb collection over the next two weeks:

  • Kingston – the area between Philips and Berkley, Sycamore and Kingston
  • Forest Park – The area between Philips and Witherspoon, Jefferson and Sycamore
  • Rainbow – The area between Lafountain and Ind. 931, north of Community Hospital
  • New Terrace Meadows – The area from Alto to Center Road, Cartwright to Brooke
  • Terrace Meadows – The area between Ind. 931 and Albright, south to Alto Road
  • Country Club – The area from Park to Berkley, Boulevard to Lincoln
  • Greenbriar – The area between Berkley and Dixon, Sycamore to Westdale Court
  • Westbrook – The area between Park and Berkley, Lincoln to Zartman
  • Frederick Farms/Wynterbrook – The area north of Sycamore and west of Dixon
  • Lafayette Park/Berkley Meadows – The area from Philips to Witherspoon, Judson to Jefferson

There may be circumstances beyond the control of the department, which delay collection, but it is the department’s intention to complete collection in these neighborhoods by Oct. 9. Additional neighborhoods will be added to the collection list at a later date, and this list will be adjusted as necessary to reflect workload and progress of the collection crews.

In order to facilitate timely and efficient limb collection, residents are asked to follow the guidelines set forth in city ordinance. Tree branches, brush, plant stalks, and shrubs of not more than four inches in diameter which are cut up into no more than four-foot lengths and bound into bundles, with each bundle no more than 50 pounds, shall be picked up as part of the regular pickup schedule.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a delay to limb and brush collection.

Residents who have questions regarding limb collection may contact the Department of Public Maintenance and Refuse at 453-4030.

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