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This show is seriously addicting…

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another week! I hope you’re having a great day! I really felt like I needed to devote an entire blog to this subject. I recently discovered a new show on Netflix that people have been talking about. It’s called – Love is Blind! The premise of the show is ridiculously awful. A group of guys and girls live in 2 different apartments. Each day for a week they spend time in pods where they talk to other guys and girls trying to get to know them. The goal is to propose to the girl by the end of the week. Some people didn’t find luck, but some- actually did!

I had so much second hand embarrassment and cringe moments. But so many so that it was almost addictive! Once you start, you have to finish! Tell me why I was emotional in certain parts of it! That’s embarrassing right now.

Ellen talked about it on her show today and it had me thinking- I think there IS something really great about this show. The idea that love is blind is a really noble one. We’d like to think that people will love us for us and not how we look. The only thing I wish they would have included are people that didn’t look like models. I hope in Season 2 they bring in more normal looking people to REALLY test is love is blind!

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