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What toys are right for your animal?

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope that you had a great week! Today’s blog is all about toys. There are so many different kinds of animal toys out there but how do you know if they are the right ones for your animal? My dog Stiles is a tough chewer. If I give him something dainty he rips through it within an hour or less. It’s frustrating as a pet owner! You spend your hard earned money on something that you think is going to last and it doesn’t. It took me some time to figure it out, but now I know that I need reinforced tough toys for him. It can be hard to know what is best! I asked Karen at the Humane Society what she thought!


Most of us like toys and our pets are no different, if we are going to have toys they better be entertaining. Of course varied situations call for a variety of toys. Sometimes nothing is better that a fuzzy squeaky toy that can make enough noise to drive everyone else crazy. A catnip mouse may entertain a cat for hours one day but be totally uninteresting another. Interacting with their humans is often what many pets are looking for so a game of fetch, tug or hide and go seek with your dog is perfect as would be a lazier pointer or a pole and string with a cat toy on it to engage your feline companion.

For when you are not around or cant play there are lots of toys designed to entertain your pets. For your dog they can be a simple as a kong that you fill with treat, food or peanut butter to an battery operated toy that can through a ball for your dog and they can then drop it back in a hole to have another go. For cats there are always lots of different types of catnip toys or scratching pads to amuse them but also battery operated laser pointers or toys they can chase balls in or have a  a string or stick  that moves around for them to chase. You can find all of these on the internet with a wide price range that makes it possible for anyone to amuse their pets.


Meet Missy, 8 and Rowdy, 15. These two are a bonded pair and have a senior special going on right now. $25 for both of them. Guys. I spent some time with these 2 today and my heart truly melted. Missy is incredibly sweet and lovable and snuggled right up to me after a minute of sitting down. She loves pets. Rowdy is a bit more subdued. He’s very bonded to Missy and depends on her for a lot. I hope that you will consider opening your heart and home to these two.

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