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Ben’s Food Review: The KFC Chicken & Donut Sandwich

Donuts are delicious, fried chicken is delicious, so why not put them together! KFC just released their brand new Chicken and Donut Sandwich nationwide earlier this week. The sandwich was originally released in September of last year but only on a limited release in 3 cities. This is the first time that the sandwich has come to Indiana. Since it’s wacky, and it’s in Kokomo, you know I’m going to try it!

At the Howard County Fair, my favorite thing to get is the donut burger. The donut adds a level of sweetness I never knew that I needed in my burger eating experience. It’s delicious and I highly recommend it (the donut burger). That said, he question is: how does this translate to KFC? The answer, it’s okay. Fun for the experience, but probably not something that I’ll be ordering regularly.

Let’s break it down. The donut is sweet and fluffy. The glaze is almost syrupy and sweet which is quite pleasant. The chicken, well… It’s KFC. I don’t need to tell you that it’s quite delicious. But somehow putting them together is almost too much for me. In the donut burger at the fair, they use one donut cut in half as the top and bottom buns. The KFC Chicken & Donut sandwich is two full donuts. That sounds better right? Two is better than one! Well normally it is, but in this situation it’s a little too much for me. The full donuts are so fluffy that when you take a bite you make a giant mess. Definitely no eating on the go with this sandwich! And if you have a beard, like me, you’re guaranteed to get some food stuck in there.

Overall it’s about a 3/5. Not terrible, but there’s definitely better menu items at KFC.

Have you given it a try yet? What did you think of it? Anything you think could be done to the sandwich to improve it? Let us know if the comments!

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