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Is declawing okay? Here’s what we think.

Happy Friday everyone! Today is a special day! It’s Valentine’s Day! And is there a better way to celebrate than finding your other half?! Head out to the Kokomo Humane Society and check out their Valentine’s special happening all day! If you sing a karaoke song- you can have half off on a pet! In today’s blog we are talking about declawing. Is it okay? Where does the Humane Society fall on this topic? Here’s what Karen had to say!


At the Kokomo Humane Society we do not believe in declawing cats. Reasoning for this procedure ranges from wanting to protect furniture or woodwork in the home or fear of a cat scratching a child or elderly person. The reality is that there are other ways to deal with unwanted behavior without resorting to declawing a cat which is a dramatic and painful surgery that basically involves amputating the first digit of each toe and which also removes part of the pad of the toe which would be like cutting the tip of your finger off. There may not appear to be any harm done but in reality the act of removing  a segment of each toe changes the configuration of the cat’s foot and can lead to negative results that we don’t see such as lack of balance and painful arthritis and may lead to a cat that stops using it’s litter box.  What the surgery can also result in is fragments of bone or nail that are not removed which in the case of the nail it can begin to grow again and be extremely painful and the bone fragments can poke the tissue also causing severe pain. There are so many good alternative that there really is no reason to declaw. You can give your cat a scratching post, or scratching toys so they will leave your furniture alone, and to avoid scratches you can trim their nails or put on little plastic caps so the nails are covered. As far as protecting yourself from a cat scratch, you need to learn the cat’s limits to avoid making them want to scratch you. Removing their main line of defense will most likely end in a bad bite which is way worse than a scratch.


Meet Kinsley! Look at those beautiful green eyes! She is 3 years old and has been at the Humane Society for over 100 days. This is way too long! And there’s absolutely no reason why! She is so sweet and cuddly and affectionate! Would you consider giving this little lady a home? She is ready to go!

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