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How to administer medicine to your pets!

If you’re a pet owner- you KNOW that one of the hardest things that you can do is administer medication to an animal. Unless they are very subdued, most animals don’t tend to like people putting their fingers near their mouths. In fact, some animals act like ACTUAL little kids when you try and give them medicine! Lol. They already don’t feel good or are suffering some kind of ailment and they aren’t going to make it easy for you! I’ve found a few tricks that have worked for me when I needed to give Stiles his medication. Initially I started with Peanut Butter and yogurt. Both of these worked okay but my dog is so slick- he would find the pill and eat everything BUT the pill. We then tried some lunch meat and cheese. Still worked okay but was messy. Then, I found my holy grail of medicine giving- Milk bone makes Pill Pouches! They are treats flavored like yummy things that literally has a hole in it for a pill to go. Once you put the pill in you mold the rest of the treat around it. Stiles doesn’t even chew them! He straight up swallows them whole because he loves them so much! Lol

Here are some tips from the Kokomo Humane Society!

I don’t really see that cats and dogs get colds and the flu like we do in the winter but there are times when they need to be given medication an it can be tricky! There are several routes to go that range in cost and ease. The cheapest way it to just open your pets mouth, push the pill back as far as you can, close it quick and rub on their throat to make them swallow. It is quick but not the most fun for Kitty or Fido. There are all sorts of pill pockets on the market that you can buy and wrap the pill in. Many dogs look at this as they should, a treat, other less trusting souls consider it a trick, which it king of is too. If you can get them to take a pill wrapped in something you don’t necessarily have to buy them, there are recipes online for you to make them yourself. These I’m sure are yummy but do have a shorter shelf life. Another way is to go basic with cream cheese, peanut butter, or another kind of meat or cheese you can wrap it in. This works well too unless they lick off the goodie and leave the pill behind. Lastly if you have a liquid medication you can either put it in wet food but you have to make sure they eat it all or else just squirt it into their mouth. Whatever method you decide to use just make sure to finish any medication that is prescribed, especially antibiotics. You can end up with a sicker pet than you started with if you don’t finish those.  For now let’s just hope for a heathy 2020 where we won’t have to worry about this!

Adoptable Pet of the Week- Louie! 

Louie is a sweet and energetic Pit Bull! He LOVES treats. And knows how to do some pretty great tricks! He loves to play and is very friendly with people!

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