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Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions!

Hello friends! Welcome to another episode of Furry Fridays! Since today we are introducing you to a cat of the week, I thought it would be fun to get the Kokomo Humane Society’s input on why they think cats make wonderful companions!


There are definitely Dog People, Cat people and those who love both. I liken it a bit to people preferring to wear either jeans or dresses, both are good just different strokes for different folks. Last week we listed reasons why shelter pets were the best. Today I will share my thoughts on why I think

Cats Make Wonderful Companions.

  1. You don’t have to walk a cat, which is a good thing when it is 20 degrees below zero
  2. Cats don’t bark when friends come to the door
  3. Cats understand needing quiet time, they don’t make noise when you are watching tv
  4. Cats can curl up into a box
  5. A cat can be super affectionate but also know when to give you some space
  6. Cats clean themselves
  7. Cats always look like they are wearing footy pajamas
  8. When cats play they look like kittens again even if they are seniors
  9. Cats have attitude and a strong opinion about EVERYTHING
  10. Cats will love you deeply, even if it is on their own terms

Adoptable Pet of the Week- Big Meg

Meg is a 6 year old female who is “weight challenged”. While we think she is a massive ball of cute, she will need some help managing her diet so that she can lose some pounds which will make her overall healthier. She is so pretty and very sweet. She melts into your lap after she gets comfortable. Meet her today in the Cat Cafe!

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