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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Do you like the Office or Parks and Rec? If so, you’ll love Brooklyn Nine-Nine! If not, you’ll still love it because (dare I say it) it’s better than the Office and Parks and Rec. Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered in 2013, and hit the ground running as one of the best first season sitcoms around. You know how in the Office and Parks and Rec that the first season is terrible? Not on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Plus it just keeps getting better from there.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Sandberg as Jake Peralta, the hot shot detective of the 99th precinct in the NYPD.  The show follows Jake and the rest of the main cast of detectives and demonstrates the funnier side of working for a police department. The characters grow throughout the show, develop relationships, gain promotions and more to help raise the stakes higher and higher each season. It’s returning to NBC on February 6th. Here’s the trailer for the new season!

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