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I’m leaving my Christmas Tree up as long as I want!

Happy Thursday Friends!

I’ve decided to write this open letter to you to let you know that I will be leaving my Christmas Tree up for as long as I want. I know people have some very strong opinions about this. But the truth of the matter is – there isn’t a rule for how long is too long!

I could look up a bazillion stats and studies about how Christmas music and lights make people happy, but I already graduated college so my days of citing sources are over! I own a diploma ya’ll! lol. But it’s the truth! Christmas makes people happy! I LOVE getting home at night and plugging my tree in and staring at it.

Yes, I think there is something special about keeping Christmas in its own little time. However, I wasn’t here for part of the holidays so I think I still have some quality time left with mine! 🙂

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