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Furry Fridays! Tips to keep your animals safe in the cold!

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to another episode of Furry Fridays! Although Christmas and New Years are over, the cold is not. We want to make sure that you along with your animals are safe this winter. Always keep your eye on the weather and be aware of the temperature. Our pets, although covered in fur, are still affected by the cold. I met up with Karen from the Kokomo Humane Society to get some tips from her when it comes to staying safe in the cold.


It is that time of the year again when we need to pay special attention to our pets outside. When the temp dips down you need to consider when is too cold to leave your dog out for extended periods of time. A dog with a heavy coat such as a Huskey, St. Bernard or a Great Pyrenees might be perfectly happy out in the cold or even snow while a short haired or small dog may consider it torture. Even is a dog is comfortable out in the cold it is important that if they are left out they have access to a decent shelter to get out of the wind or rain. You also need to consider how to provide fresh unfrozen water if you are leaving your dog outside for an extended period of time, but keep in mind, most dogs don’t need to be outside for too long if it is cold enough to freeze their water.

The rule of thumb is similar for cats.  If you have an outdoor cat you care for you should think about investing in a heated bowl so they will always have access to water. There are also many resources to help you by or build a warm shelter for cats that are outside all the time such as community cats.

Other aspects of the winter weather to consider are icy roads and sidewalks that can be hard on a dog’s feet as well as the salt used to melt ice that is often not dog friendly. Be sure to wipe off your friend’s feet when they come in from a walk or romp and remove any snow or ice clumps from between their toes. While there are varied opinions about clothing for a dog, a sweater or jacket for can give them that extra bit of warmth that will make a walk enjoyable. Any season can be a joyous one for your pet as long as you make sure to consider their safety.

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