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Furry Fridays- Creative pet names!

One of the most fun things about getting a new pet is the naming process! My sisters were always the ones to name our pets growing up so when I finally adopted my dog, I was SUPER excited to name him. At the time I was really into the show Teen Wolf. There was a character names Stiles Stilinski. Also a huge fan of Harry Styles. It was settled “Stiles” it is. There are a lot of really uniquely named animals at the Kokomo Humane Society!

This week we are showcasing Jane Paw-ston! Get it?! It’s awesome! In the same cage as her is Metalicat for all of you Metallica fans! Truth be told there are a TON of amazing animals at the Humane Society and you should probably just check them out for yourself by taking a trip out there!

There’s a fantastic special on all Halloween looking animals as well! Check this out!

It’s the purrrrrfect time to add to your family!

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