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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Living With Yourself

Paul Rudd is known for some classic comedies like “Clueless,” “Role Models” and “I Love You Man.” He’s even hilarious as Ant-Man in the Marvel movies. Needless-to-say, when you watch something starring Paul Rudd, it’ll probably be hilarious. “Living With Yourself” is very different from Paul Rudd’s usual work. Instead of a goofy comedy, it’s more of a suspenseful drama.

You’ve probably been seeing those promotions on Netflix about the series, and it is a series not a movie. I learned that when 20ish minutes into the first episode the credits started to roll. Being that there’s 8 episodes total at roughly 20-30 minutes apiece, is it worth watching and spending almost 4 hours on this? I’m happy to say yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly and feel like it’s definitely worth your time as long as you know what you’re getting into.

I’ll keep this spoiler free in case you would like to watch it after reading this. “Living With Yourself” is about Miles Elliot (Paul Rudd) and his wife Kate (Aisling Bea) who are just kind of going through the motions with their marriage. Miles is given some advice that he believes will improve his life and finally bring him happiness. Without giving anything away, something happens and now there’s two versions of Miles Elliot. What do you do when you have two versions of yourself? Exactly the same in almost every way. All memories from your first kiss, to your wedding day are in both of you. Who gets to live the normal life and who has to start over?

Lots of intrigue there in this original story. Fortunately they leave it open enough at the end that a season 2 is definitely possible for the show. At the same time, it wraps things up enough that it works great as a stand alone story. If the idea sounds interesting, I encourage you to check it out! What have you got to lose other than 20 minutes for the first episode right? Here’s the trailer below!

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