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Stephen King wasn’t messing around when he recommended this show…

It’s officially October 1st!

You know what that means! Happy Halloween! Lol. I love celebrating holidays early so as to enjoy them as much as I can. Halloween is my second favorite Holiday to celebrate! Last week as I was show prepping I noticed a story about Stephen King. He has been known to share some of his favorite new movies and TV shows that he finds scary. And he is the master of scares so I trusted him when he told me to watch Marianne on Netflix.

The story is basically about a girl that has been followed by an evil witch spirit her entire life. In order to deal with the trauma she writes stories about it and became a famous author. Well as you probably guessed some spooky things start to happen and she ends up back in her hometown to face the spirit.

I started to watch this during the day and was creeped out. Then it became night and I was invested in the story and became even MORE creeped out! AH! Idk why I do these things to myself! Its a 10 part series on Netflix and is originally made in France. If words not matching up with mouths bothers you, you won’t like it. However, I found the English dubbing pretty good!

I would definitely recommend this show if you are into spooks and scares! A great start to the Halloween season!

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