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Furry Fridays! Clear the Shelter was a HUGE success!

Recently the Kokomo Humane Society participated in the National Clear the Shelter event. This event opens up the shelter to anyone that is looking to add a pet to their family by eliminating all of the adoption fees. The goal is to get animals to good homes. I asked Karen to give us a rundown of how the event went! I had been following along on Facebook and it seemed to be a huge success from the outside looking in!


Saturday August 17th was the National Clear the Shelter event. It was an amazing day where 73 cats, 42 dogs and 2 guinea pigs were adopted. People often ask if we are nervous adopting our animals without a fee. Maybe the won’t get good homes or maybe the people won’t be able to afford to take care of them. This really isn’t the case, statistically these events don’t get more returns or issues than regular fee based adoptions. So why don’t we do it all the time? Because it is expensive for the Shelter. With a regular adoption fee we lose money on every adoption so we can’t afford to do it except maybe one time a year. Keep in mind though, what you get with our adoption fee will cost way more if you had to provide all that we do on your own for a “free” pet. With that said we still have lost of animals looking for their forever home. You can check out who is available on our website at

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