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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Best Game Night Food?

Football season is starting soon and it’s almost time to get back to having the gang over to huddle around the television screen. You’ve got 10 people coming over, so what are you going to feed them? You could spend some time to slave over the stove or grill making a delicious meal, but your house is dirty and you don’t have time to clean up and make food. In comes the delicious frozen foods!

Appetizers bring back great memories from board game nights, sporting events and nights at the bar. What do you think is the best of them? Potato skins? Pizza bagels? Tater tots?

Totino’s wants to seal their name as the victor to this competition with their latest mix of poppable finger foods. Coming this fall is the ultimate snack mix of pure carb heaven. Totino’s is introducing the mini snack mix that includes all of your favorite snack foods. The “Original” bag is loaded with pizza rolls, marinara bites, garlic bread bites and mozzarella sticks.   The “American Favorites” bag has pizza rolls, ham and cheese bites, cheddar bites and potato bites. The Snack Mixes are expected in stores this fall. What is your favorite finger food?

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