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Furry Fridays- How to deal with Upset Tummies

This week in our blog we are talking about upset tummies. Sometimes our pets can also suffer from them. Whether that be from eating foods they should not have, or having a virus, you will know when your little furry friend is not feeling well. They may not want to eat or drink. They also may have diarrhea. I recently dealt with this with Stiles. He was having diarrhea for multiple days. The one thing that seems to help the most for us- pumpkin. I would get pumpkin in a can and add 1 tablespoon to his dry food. This food is known to help calm tummies down. I asked Karen from the Humane Society if she had any tips and tricks for this as well!


Our pets like us can sometimes experience an upset stomach. There are so many reasons for this such as: Sudden diet change (very frequent cause), Hairballs (in cats), Eating something that blocks their stomach (like string or another object), Medication side effects, Eating something toxic, Disease like pancreatitis, Parasites or infections of either a viral or bacterial nature. These possible reasons came from this very informative article: Upset Stomach Home Remedies Here is a link to some great insight into dog stomach issues: Dogs with Upset Stomachs

Their recommendation for a one time issue is something that I have done in the past with my pets. This is either giving a bland diet for a few days or else not feeding (fasting) for a day, though do not go over one day for cats. Sometimes their systems just need a rest. You want to make sure they don’t get dehydrated and there are ways to check this through pulling on the skin and checking gums. Keeping your dog or cat hydrated is vital.

I have read where you can give your dog canned pumpkin for an upset stomach or in some cases Pepto-bismol can help but make sure to get the correct dosage for your dog. I am not a Veterinarian and would always recommend checking with your vet before giving any medication.

Tomorrow, Saturday July 17th  we will be Participating in the nationwide Clear the Shelter Event which is a great time to adopt a new pet. All adoption fees will be waived for one day only. We will be open 12:00-4:00 and will close our doors at 4:00 to give us time to process all adoption applications by 5:00.


Our adoptable pet of the week is Sheldon an adorable 3 month old white kitten. He is super affectionate and playful and would love to go home with someone who is looking for a kitten who will be a big part of the family. He wants to be where you are and playing all the time!

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