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Furry Fridays! Get to know OUR pets!

Hey friends!

It’s another episode of Furry Fridays! Each week we try and bring you some really valuable information about taking care of our furry friends. But as I was sitting here this week thinking on a topic to talk about, I thought about the fact that we haven’t really introduced OUR OWN pets to you!

Without further ado- Let me introduce you to my little man Stiles. Stiles is a 6 year old Australian Cattle dog. My sister actually brought Stiles home to foster him. Well needless to say, I fell in love with the little dude and decided to take him in as my own. Stiles started off very shy and timid. I’m talking- he would poop after you held him because he was so nervous. He even pretended that he didn’t know how to go up and down stairs because he wasn’t fully trusting yet.

Fast forward years. Stiles is my loyal silly buddy. He lives in Kokomo here with me and serves as my guard dog! I love him and I would be so sad if he wasn’t here with me!


While Erin and I mention our pets frequently in our posts but have never shared much about them. Here is a brief description of my clan and some pictures so you can put a face to them.

Daphne is a princess, she is a 9 year old Dachshund mix. She is a little diva who has mellowed in the past years but definitely has an opinion about everything!

Finnegan is a 7 year old Terrier mix. He is a lover boy and a therapy dog who has gone to the hospital to comfort the patients.

Jemima is a 7 year old Calico. She is a funny gal who loves her chow and affection.

Ted is a 5 year old Tuxedo. He is a very silly guy who loves to come on a walk with the dogs.

Our adoptable pet of the week is Vana! (Vana White). She is a 7 year old Chihuahua. She came in as a stray. She will need a dental before she is taken home. She is so cute and loves to be cuddled! Come meet her today at the Kokomo Humane Society!

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