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Rose’ Bubbly IN A CAN!

I love a good glass of wine. One glass here or there seems to make the perfect relaxing evening. While I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at Kroger the other day- I noticed something kind of peculiar. Near the wine section there were these pretty little cans OF WINE!

I had never seen wine in a can before!

There were a few different varieties to choose from! I typically lean towards sparkling and sweeter wines and luckily there was one just for me! But I also wanted to try the rest of them out. I grabbed one of each and went on my merry way!

I popped one open the other day and straight up- did not like it. It was very dry in my opinion. However the second one that I tried was awesome! It was light and fruity and bubbly!

If you’re into trying out some new trends take a look at these cute little cans next time you are at the store!

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