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Erin’s Feel Good Blog- Goal Setting!

Hey friends!

It is nearly the end of July 2019 and I have decided- It’s time to get my life together. Lol. Couple months late, but we’re still good. Recently one of my friends asked me a challenging question- What are some goals for yourself?

I kind of looked at her with a blank stare. The truth is- I don’t have any. Written down or thought out at least. Obviously there are things that I hope to achieve in life. However, I have ZERO plans to get there.  As we were sitting there talking I realized how much of a burden this has become to me. I feel like I am always stressed when I think about things- because I don’t have a plan. I’m just kind of winging life willy nilly.

I took this as an opportunity to sit and think about the things that I would really like to accomplish in life. Short term and long term. Short term- I need to get my apartment cleaned up. It needs a good deep clean. Long term- I’d like to get my fitness under control. We talked about setting smaller goals to be able to achieve the bigger ones.

This is as simple as finding an empty journal and writing them down. Daily goals. 1 week goal. 5 month goals. Yearly goals. However you want to do it. I saw that they have specific goal journals on Amazon that are structured to help you achieve these things and break them down on a daily basis. I’m not sure that I need to spend the money on it, but let’s be real- I want it. Lol!

I hope that you will join me in setting some personal goals for yourself. It can real motivate you to get things done and check things off your to do lists!

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