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My Secret Obsession- So bad it’s good!

With the near 1000 degree weather this weekend I decided to stay inside in the air conditioning and have a nice little weekend with my pup. During that time I finished Schitt’s Creek (phenomenal) and moved on to a new movie. I wanted a good thriller. My friend suggested the new movie that is on Netflix right now called “My Secret Obsession”. I saw that it stars BRENDA SONG! That’s right. Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I had to see what she was up to! (Hey did you know that she is dating Macaulay Culkin?!)

The movie started off exciting enough. Brenda Song (Jennifer) running to try and escape someone. She is later in the hospital with a coma. Would it be a thriller if there wasn’t a coma involved? DUH. Basically you find out that someone is obsessed with her and has created an entire universe that she now believes to be true because she lost all of her memory when she woke up from her coma.

I won’t ruin the entire thing. Something to note however- The Allstate commercial guy is in this. I feel bad for him. His voice has literally branded him Allstate for the rest of his life. He plays a cop in the movie and talks a lot about cars- which just made me giggle.

If you’re looking for a near Hallmark Christmas movie- This is a great one to watch!

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