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Prince Eric is going to be played by who?!

Attention every single person on this entire planet. There has been some new news coming out about who is going to be playing Prince Eric in the live action version of The Little Mermaid. There have been numerous men up for the part, but the male leading the race-


eh hem. I mean- Harry Styles (totally not fangirling here)

That’s right, the One Direction alum is in talks to play the romantic interest of Ariel. When I saw the side by side of Harry with Prince Eric my first thought was- YEP. HE’S IT.

Go look for yourself! Here. I’ll make it easy for you and link an article that has a side by side!

Harry Styles as Prince Eric!

What do you guys think?! This has me more and more excited for this movie! PLUS! He’s already proved his acting chops in Dunkirk! I am really excited about this news and hope that he is chosen!

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