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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: New Fast Food!

I was driving through the drive thru at Burger King yesterday when I noticed that they have recently started selling tacos. Burger king is selling tacos!! I’ll be honest though, I haven’t tried them yet so I have no idea if they’re good. Coincidentally I happened to go to another fast food place at the same time because… well… every once in a while I just feel like being super extra. I love the fries from Arby’s but the food from Burger King so… you get the picture. Anyway while I was at Arby’s and I noticed that they just put up a sign that says that the orange cream shakes are back for a limited time!

They’re not the only ones with new food options as Taco Bell just made a new taco announcement today, and this one will likely save you money. Taco Bell is already known for giving you a lot of food for a small amount of cash and now the taco chain is offering up their new crispy tacos for only $1! Taco Bell is adding the $1 taco to their “snack” lineup for only a limited time.   It’s the usual stuff that Taco Bell is known for; beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese in a crispy taco. The thing I’ve been hoping for is for their nacho fries to be added as a permanent menu item.

What’s the new food that you’re most excited about trying? Notice anything else coming soon?

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