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The Office is leaving Netflix?!

It’s happening. It’s happening. Don’t panic. Netflix just announced last night that The Office, is being pulled by NBC and being moved over to NBC’s new streaming service. Keep in mind that The Office is Netflix’s NUMBER ONE STREAMING SHOW ON THEIR SERVICE. Dirty dirty business NBC.

If you’re like me, The Office is your go to in a lot of situations. Sad? The Office. Happy? The Office. Bored? The Office. Don’t know what else to watch? The Office! Sometimes I’ll just turn on The Office when I’m working around the house as noise. It’s the only show I know that I can use it in that capacity but also be interested and laugh every time I watch it. And I’ve watched it. A lot. I’ve probably made it through the entire series 5 or more times now at minimum!

This is a sad blow for a lot of Netflix users. However, Netflix tried to keep it positive by reminding us that Steve Carell will be in a new Netflix show that has an office vibe to it. I am trying to not lose hope and look forward to new beginnings! I’m also currently checking the prices on a Complete Series of The Office on Amazon.


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