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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Toy Story 4 Review

24 years in the making, Woody, Buzz and the gang return for the final time with Toy Story 4. At least I think it’s the final time. I thought it was the final time with Toy Story 3, so we could be having this same conversation in another 20 years about Toy Story 8. As always I’ll start this review out spoiler free and then jump into the spoilers later in the post. I will start the paragraph with (SPOILERS) when the spoilers begin.

Toy Story 4 is currently sitting at a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, which although a truly fantastic score is the lowest of the Toy Story series. Does that mean that this is the worst in the franchise? Absolutely not! I read a couple of those rotten reviews and it’s clear that some people just don’t know what’s good. I loved this movie even with there being a crying baby in the theater the whole time. This movie is too good to ruin.

In Toy Story 4 the gang returns to Bonnie’s house where the toys were left from Andy in the previous film. As Andy was going off to college, he felt that it was time someone else had these toys to play with. Toy Story 4 covers three major plot points throughout the film. The first was how the toys were handling their new owner, the second what happened to Bo Peep and the third basically what makes a toy have value to a child. Before I jump into the spoilers I’ll throw the trailer in here so you can watch it and decide if you want to see it. I give it a solid A+ and highly recommend the film if you were a fan of any of the previous movies.

(SPOILERS) Alright let’s get into what makes this movie great for those of you that have seen it or don’t mind spoilers. The comedy was much different in the film from the previous three and I felt like it really worked. There were a lot of cut away gags that were some of the funniest points in the entire series. I almost cried from laughter at the seen where the duck and the bunny (played by Key and Peele) were trying to figure out how to get the keys from the old woman to unlock the cabinet. Classic!

Some of the complaints I read from people before they saw the movie was that they felt like Toy Story 3 wrapped things up nicely, so it’s unnecessary to make a fourth. Although I agree that had the series ended with the third movie it still would have been a nice ending, I felt that Toy Story 4 ends the series better. Andy is not the main character. He isn’t who we follow throughout the entire series; Woody is our protagonist. It feels much more fitting for Woody to get his happy ending and that is just what we got with Toy Story 4. Bonnie didn’t want to play with him. For weeks he was left in the closet with the other abandoned toys. As the leader of the pack, he was having trouble adjusting to this new role and although he had an owner, he felt like lost. Bo peep returned that validation to him that he needed and deciding to leave Bonnie’s home to be with her was such a great ending to this iconic character.

Let’s talk the new characters. The puppets were crazy creepy. Like how are children not going to have nightmares from them? Gabby Gabby was a really interesting antagonist for the story. Although her motives were purely selfish, Woody identified with her over their shared feelings of being worthless and sacrifices a part of himself to give her a chance to have a kid of her own. Forky was kind of meh to me as a character to be honest. He was a little bit over the top for my taste in a character. Duke, Ducky and Bunny were hilarious additions to the cast that added such a fun layer to the movie.

One thing needs to be said about the parents… I feel so bad for them. The toys pop a whole in their tire, mess with the RV and almost get them arrested just so that they could get a plastic spork back to Bonnie and so that the toys could say good bye to Woody. Those parents deserve better.

What did you think of Toy Story 4? Was it worth seeing? Was it the best or the worst of the series? Let us know in the comments!

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