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This is my favorite candle I’ve ever used!

Candle lovers UNITE!

I am so basic when it comes to certain things. And candles are one of them! I have ALWAYS loved candles. The scent. The ambiance. The relaxing quality of them. They are perfect in every way.

Each season I tend to bring out certain scents. Pumpkin for Fall, Evergreen Tree for Christmas time. However, I’m a fan of candles that you can use all year long. Ones that don’t remind you of any time of year but rather are great for everyday use!

My all time favorite candle that I have repurchased time and time again is the Bonfire Nights 3 wick candle from Target. There’s a couple of things about this candle that make it a step above the rest. 1. It lasts forever! Really! It does! 2. It has a very pleasing smell that is neutral to most people! 3. It has wood wicks and gives the smacking and crackling effect of a real campfire!

Does it get any better?! No, no it doesn’t. For only $20 its a steal! Head on over to Target! You won’t regret it!

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