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I don’t want to call myself Marie Condo… but if the shoe fits…

This weekend I did a couple important things. 1. I rested. A lot. Like the whole day Saturday. I woke up. Ate. Napped. But most importantly I read! I never make time to read anymore. I am a book collector and have every intention of doing so, and then it just doesn’t happen. Well this weekend I cracked open my new Stephen King book that I bought, and read. For hours! It felt so nice to just relax.

I think as a society we often feel guilty for resting. But we NEED our rest. We NEED time to re-energize. I was purposeful about taking that time this weekend, and you should be too! You’re no good to yourself or others if you are run down all the time!

Sunday was a little bit of a different story- because yes, I felt a little guilty about doing nothing Saturday. Which I shouldn’t! But I did. I woke up with energy. (Correlation between that and resting Saturday? I THINK SO!) I made a breakfast casserole that I can eat for the whole week. I threw laundry in. Picked up my bathroom a bit. Did dishes. Assembled a new case for my computer, did some work from home, and spot treated a stubborn area of my carpet. I did all of this by 10:45am. It amazes me what I can accomplish when I actually put my mind to it. I even made time to read a little bit during the day as well! I felt accomplished and GOOD about myself and my apartment. There is a huge connection between feeling good and having a clean space.

Marie Condo was onto something! This definitely sparks joy in me!

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