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Aladdin- Is it worth the watch?!

This past weekend I finally made time to get to the theater! It’s been so long! With so many great movies out- it seemed like the perfect time to do so! My friend and I decided to go and see Aladdin! Now, I didn’t look at the times well enough to see that the show time we chose was actually a 3-D movie and not standard. However, after seeing it, I’m glad I did so!

The movie held true to the original story! Aladdin and Jasmine both looked exactly like what you would picture a real live Aladdin and Jasmine would look like! The singing and dancing was insanely good. In fact, I’m almost certain that they may have sped it up post production to make it look even more incredible. The 3-D added that final little umph to really throw it over the top and shine!

Let’s talk about the genie.

This is the subject that everyone was talking about. I’m not sure why everyone was holding Will Smith to such an unattainable standard. The truth is- no one will ever come close to Robin Williams as the geniie- because- he created the character! I went into it excited to see Will Smith’s take on the action and he was fantastic! He had the right energy! The jokes, dancing and singing were all great!

Overall I loved it! Definitely a feel good family friendly movie! Go see it!

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