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Harry Potter Fans unite!

Today on my show I talked about some new Harry Potter merch that is being released. How much money can one franchise make? Ba jillions and Quintillians. Just so much money! Anyways, tangent. Aldi, is coming out with a Harry Potter Crochet kit!!!

First of all- WHAT?!

Second of all- I want it.

Third of all- It’s only available in the UK right now.

This actually sounds so cool! I love to crochet! Although I haven’t done it in a couple years. It was always something that was kind of a relaxing mind numbing thing to do. And the fact that they are combining Harry Potter with this, makes me so happy! They say that if they do well in the UK, they will bring it to the US! SIGN ME UP IMMEDIATELY!

Excuse me while I go home and plan a Harry Potter marathon!

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