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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: The Most Expensive Coffee in the US

Coffee is a staple in daily routines for many, but how much is too much to spend on your regular cup of Joe? The most expensive coffee in the US is in California at a coffee shop called Klatch’s coffee in San Francisco. These coffee lovers are digging emptying digging deep into their wallets to spend $75 for a cup of coffee.  The coffee is so expensive because it’s a rare variety of coffee from Panama called Elida Geisha Natural out of Panama and only 100 pounds of it were sold. I feel like it’s a cool novelty to try once, but $75 would seriously start to add up over time. Let’s do some math. Many people stop at a local coffee shop to purchase a cup of coffee every week day on the way to work. $75 times 5 times a week adds up to $375. But what if they did this every week for a year? Assuming they get 2 weeks of vacation time, that’d be 50 weeks of this which would add up to $18,750. Could you imagine!?

I almost recommend never trying something like this even if you have the money to do it though. Think about the difference in flavor quality for a second. If you try something that is the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted, wouldn’t that make everything else taste worse by comparison? Even drinking one of these cups of coffee could ruin this beverage forever! Stick with whatever your current (cheaper) favorite is. Don’t let the fancy life ruin your daily routine is my advice.

What do you think? Would you want to try this coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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