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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’m ALWAYS looking for something to keep me entertained and laughing. Sometimes you need to be able to throw something on your screen and relax. Mind numbing wonderful TV. I JUST started this show and feel like it may be my next obsession. The Office is similar to me in this sense. It’s the type of show that I can just throw on when I want to pay attention or when I don’t.

This show stars Andy Samburg! SNL alum and all around funny man. The only bummer is that you can’t watch it on anything except Hulu. Which is a paid service. However, the ads are not too bad, just a couple an episode.

I’m about 3 episodes in and so far so good! I started it for a couple reasons- 1. Ben suggested it as being fantastic. 2. The IMDB rating on this show is extremely high all around.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the progression of this viewership. (How smart did that just sound)

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