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Want to read more but don’t have the time?!

Hello all! Happy Wednesday! Another 70 degree day today?! I’ll take it!

So one of the goals I’ve had this year was to read a lot more. Buuuut it’s now April 16th and I’ve read approximately 1 book in the entire year of 2019. Big fail.

UNTIL! I remembered that I own a Hoopla account! Hoopla allows you to check out books online that you can read online or in my case LISTEN TO ONLINE!

This makes my life so much easier! This means that I can listen to books on the go when driving in my car. Or I can also listen at my desk when I’m working ALL while accomplishing my goal of reading more books.

Hoopla is a great source for this! Plus it was super easy for me to get! If you already have a library card, you’re set. If not, head over to the Kokomo Howard County Public Library and sign up for one! It’s totally free and it takes approximately 5 minutes!

I encourage you to try Hoopla out. Even if reading more isn’t a goal for you, it always feels good to say you’ve read a book. It keeps my mind active in the best way possible!

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