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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: The “Game of Thrones” Dead Pool

The final season of “Game of Thrones” has finally arrived, and with it some devastating tragedy (probably). There are characters that we’ve loved for 8 seasons/10 years are finally at their end and may be killed. Tears will be shed, but for who? Thus begins the “Game of Thrones” Dead Pool.

A dead pool is a guessing game designed to predict who lives and who dies. Much like the character known as Deadpool in the film, Deadpool, he was given the name because a bet was made that he would die. Is it a dark phrase? Yes, but “Game of Thrones” is a dark show.

Some friends and I decided to start this dead pool at the start of the season. We each picked four main characters and one bit character to survive all the way to the end of the season. We also each picked one main character to be killed and must guess what episode they will be killed in. Since the first episode of the season was mostly set up, feel free to create your own dead pool with your friends to jump into the fun! Below is the list of characters that I picked and why.

The Coward Sam Tarly: His happy-go-lucky attitude despite the trying times certainly is valuable in the world of Westeros, but his courage in desperate times is what made me decide to pick him to survive first. Sam gets along with mostly everyone and always does his best to avoid battle. That said, I am a little worried about this pick. After the conversation he had with Daenerys in this episode, he may not be as safe as I thought.

The Sellsword Bronn: It’s hard to decide between so many characters in an amazing show which to pick as your favorite. Bronn is definitely in my top three. Sure he’s a sellsword, but his intuition is what I believe makes him a character that could make it to the end. Take Tyrion’s fight against the Mountain for example. Bronn knew that this was a fight that he could not win and so he chose to step away. He already had a wife and castle after-all. What more could he ask for? His time in this first episode does make me worry for him. If he refuses the queen’s offer he may be killed for it.

The Onion Knight Davos Seaworth: Another favorite character of mine. Davos has said himself that the reason he is alive today is that he is not a fighter. He is a smuggler. Even though he’s currently in Winterfell, when the time comes for battle, I believe he’ll find a way out.

The King in the North Jon Snow: After Ned Stark was killed, Jon became the main character. At the end of season six, Jon was stabbed to death. He was quickly resurrected by the red woman Melisandre, but the fact remains that he has already died. Are they really going to kill him off… again? As the one true heir to the throne, he may be the one who ends this deadly game as king.

Now for the bit character. These are characters that have had small parts in the show but aren’t particularly the most influential characters. The one I chose to survive it all is… Hot Pie. Who is Hot Pie you ask? Well he’s the bread making boy that’s friends with Arya! It’s unlikely we’ll even see him this season so I’d say it’s a safe bet he makes it to the end.

Choosing a character that will die in a specific episode was more difficult than I thought. Sure there’s only six episodes to choose from, but being just one episode off means that I don’t get any points for guessing the character right. From watching the last seven seasons, I’ve learned that the second to last episode is usually the one where the craziest things happen. I also know that things don’t usually work out for people in this show. The character I’ve picked is Daenerys to be killed on episode 5. It’s way too happy of an ending for her to get the throne. Plus many people in Westeros already don’t like her so this may cause rioting. If she does get the throne, it’ll only be for an incredibly short while.

So those are my picks! What do you think? Would you have chosen other people? Set up a game with your “Game of Thrones” friends, decide on a points system and come up with prizes for the winner! It’ll add even more fun to the show, and it will hopefully help you forget that there is only 5 episodes left in the series.


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