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Starbucks has redeemed itself

As you know my latest post was about the new Foam Macchiato at Starbucks. Worth the price? I didn’t think so. A little to expensive for my liking. Plus- I didn’t feel like I got enough coffee with my foam! And that’s the point right? To get extra caffeinated!

Well, I decided to stop out of my comfort zone yesterday and try something new. Everyone has been ranting and raving about cold brew coffee. That’s all I seem to hear about. Apparently you can make this on your own at home. Buuuuuuut why make it when you can buy it right? My Dad would totally shake his head at that last sentence. Haha. It’s true though, sometimes you need to splurge!

I downloaded the Starbucks app and tried out an Iced cold brew coffee with heavy cream and sugar free vanilla syrup. And low and behold, I think I have found my new favorite drink ever! Sure its not sugary, however, it is Keto approved and gives me the energy and buzz that I need! Did you know that you can order ahead on the app and they will have it ready for you? AND you don’t even need to get out of your car to get it! You can just tell them in the drive through that you are picking up for your name and they will hand it off to you like they know you as a regular customer and know what you love.

This is the type of service I can get behind! Check it out!

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