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Furry Fridays! How often is grooming necessary?!

It’s another edition of Furry Fridays! With the weather changing, you might see some changes happening with your pets as well! My dog Stiles is shedding like CRAZY as of late. This might actually have something to do with his radiation that he we through back in January, however, it seems like the weather is moving it along quicker. I’m noticing he’s changing colors as well! Which is kind of cool! Super dog! I checked in with Karen at the Kokomo Humane Society to ask her what she thought about the topic of grooming. How often should you groom? Are there specific types of dogs or cats that don’t need grooming? Here’s what she had to say!


Now that spring has finally arrived you may have noticed that your dogs and cats have been shedding more. This brings up the topic of grooming.  Grooming includes not only fur but also teeth and nails. Maybe it is time for a spa day?

How often you brush or bathe your pet depends on several things; the species (dog or cat), hair length, how much time they spend outside and breed. While a long haired dog may not need to be bathed more often that a short haired one they will definitely need to be brushed more. Brushing not only removes loose hair but also removes dirt. If you have a short haired dog you can still brush them and their coat will thank you for it by being shiny and they will shed less. A long haired dog requires it because without regular care can get matted. Left too long matted fur can begin to pull on the dog’s skin becoming uncomfortable or even painful. You can take your long haired dog to a groomer to be trimmed or shaved every six to eight weeks or else you can learn to do the at home.

Your dog should only need to be bathed around once a month unless (like my dogs tend to do) they roll in something stinky. Over bathing can lead to dry flaky skin and an itchy dog. Cats shouldn’t need to be bathed at all unless there is a special circumstance but all cats will benefit from brushing and many of them love it! If a long haired cat is not brushed regularly it will end up with nasty matts that will need to be trimmed or even shaved off.

Both dog and cat nails need to be trimmed. That too depends on the individual pet. A cat that goes outside or has a good scratching post may not need nail trims as much and a dog that goes on lots of walks on concrete may wear their nails down. Regardless it is good to check and see if they need a trim just in case. Both dog and cat nails can easily get overgrown and make it difficult to walk and painful if they start to grow into their foot pads.

Teeth brushing is an important task that I am guilty of avoiding,  although I do plan to start, this week! The healthier an animal’s teeth and gums are the healthier your entire pet will be. Oral care can greatly affect the length of their lives. It is difficult at first, especially with a cat but if you can train you pet to tolerate it and yourself to do this it will be worthwhile in the long run. If you just can’t seem to make teeth brushing a regular habit be sure to get your pet checked yearly and the Veterinarian will look at their teeth to make sure everything is alright. The other advantage of clean teeth is fresh breath, I’m sure we can all relate to bad dog breath.

I know we all love and want the best for our furry family members. Take care of your pets and they will thank you with a long & happy life.

Meet Georgetown. A three and a half year old male Pit mix. Curious and playful, loves to chew on any toy he can get his mouth on. He is a nice dog but would not be good with small children or cats.

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