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Start Your Day Off With A Bang!

I need caffeine in the morning. If I don’t have it, I will collapse and whither away into nothing like Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter (Okay, this isn’t a spoiler these movies are like 10 years old, so I don’t even wanna hear it!). Coffee is my usual go to. I love it. The smell, the taste, the rush. However, sometimes, it hurts my tummy a little bit. Plus! I like to change things up here and there so I don’t get sick of it.

I have always heard about the dangers of energy drinks. You always see those scary news stories about kids who drink way too many and form a heart issue. Yet, I would still suck them down sometimes because they gave me that energy boost I felt I needed! Well after a couple weeks of drinking them I decided to stop and go back to coffee.


I saw the release of a new energy drink that doesn’t have the massive amounts of sugar that other energy drinks do. It’s called Bang. You can get it now at Kroger. In fact, its 0 sugar. 0 carbs. 0 Caleries. AND I still feel like I’m getting the boost of energy I need. PLUS its Keto approved! Of course it has caffeine in it. And they do have the typical energy drink warnings as far as not drinking it if you are on medication, pregnant etc.

If you are looking for a new form a caffeine but don’t want to cause metabolic mayhem on your system, this could be for you! Here’s a picture of me enjoying one! Oh did I mention the flavors are awesome?! This is me enjoying a Cotton Candy flavored drink!

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